And, they’re off!  As of the June 30, 2017 campaign contribution disclosure report due date, a total of seven brave (or, crazy, depending on your perspective) gubernatorial candidates have filed their June 30 reports with the (formerly known as) Ethics Commission.

Currently, there are four Republican candidates and three Democratic candidates.

Below is a summary table compiled (names listed by last name order) showing just the highlighted numbers from each of their reports. Below that table, there will be some discussion of noteworthy tidbits about each campaign’s ‘story behind the numbers.’

June 30, 2017 Campaign Disclosure Date
Candidate Name Party Total Raised Candidate-Connected Loans Loan-to-Total Raised % Total Spent Cash On Hand
Stacey Abrams D  $541,758  $- 0.00% $319,290 $222,468
Casey Cagle R  $2,659,044  $- 0.00% $143,866 $2,515,178
Stacey Evans D  $415,320  $3,255 0.78% $49,495 $365,825
Hunter Hill R  $1,148,530  $- 0.00% $220,085 $928,445
Brian Kemp R  $1,710,592  $- 0.00% $186,691 $1,523,901
Rod Mack D  $-  $- 0.00% $0 $0
Michael Williams R  $1,051,831  $1,000,000 95.07% $107,807 $944,024

Stacey Abrams

Abrams received a total of $176,850 from Georgia contributors (33% of contributions), and $297,022 (67% of contributions) from out of state contributors (e.g., AZ, CA, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, TX, and the District of Columbia).

Couple of significant sources for Abrams are from the Soros family (George, Gregory, Alexander) who, all combined, contributed $63,000 to Stacey Abrams. They also all maxed-out for each of the elections for the General Primary (Max = $6600), the Primary Run-off (Max = $3900), the General Election (Max = $6600), and the General Election Run-off (Max = $3900).

Another source for maxing-out on all future four elections was James Cox Chambers (think, Atlanta JournalConstitution, WSB radio and TV, etc, media properties) who contributed a total of $21,000 to Abrams, maxing-out, in full confidence, apparently, that Abrams will go all the way thru to the potential General Election Run-off; though, there is no Libertarian in the race for Governor at this point.

Normally, in a race for Governor that involves multi-million-dollar campaign funds to raise your name ID and communicate your message, money received by a candidate beyond the General Primary would be ignored at the moment.

However, in Abrams’ case, the total amount of money she has received beyond the primary is $123,700. That money cannot be used (legally) by the candidate until any of the races for which the money is designated comes-up.

So, going back to Abrams’ total raised for June 30 ($541,758),  $123,700 constitutes 22.8% of that haul…22.8% that cannot be used in the primary. That means that Abrams really only has $98,768 cash on-hand as of June 30, 2017.

One humorous note about Stacey Abrams’ disclosure: From reading the cover page, she does not appear to know how to spell her own first name. See if you can see what I see here: AbramsCoverPage (ah, yes, some underling will undoubtedly receive a sound tongue lashing on this one).

Casey Cagle

Cagle received a total of $2,543,313 from Georgia contributors (96%) and $98,320 (4%) from out of state contributors.

Of Cagle’s $2.66 million raised, $2.377 million of that is categorized as General Primary funds. The remainder, $265,899, cannot be tapped (legally) until those elections come-up.

So, Cagle’s true COH is $2.25 million.

Some notable contributors on Cagle’s disclosure are:

Dragon Con, Inc. (Yes, these guys)

Senator Brandon Beach (aka “Casino Beach“)
Senator Renee Unterman
Senator Greg Kirk
Senator Steve Gooch
Senator John Wilkinson
Senator Jack Hill
Senator Frank Ginn
Senator Jeff Mullis
Senator Lindsay Tippins
Senator Dean Burke
Senator Ellis Black
Senator Bill Jackson
Senator Jesse Stone
Senator John Kennedy
Senator Larry Walker
(former senator)

Dr. Kay K. Haltom (aka State Senator “Kay Kirkpatrick” who won a state senate special election runoff on May 18, 2017 under the supposed legal name “Kay Kirkpatrick”…and who made a $500 contribution to Cagle’s campaign on 6/20/2017…and one has to wonder why she insists on using an alias to contribute money to candidates…what is her real name?)

Special Election Runoff Results for Kay Kirkpatrick
Dr Haltom-State Senator Kay Kilpatrick
Dr. Kay K Haltom Contribution to Casey Cagle on June 20, 2017

Sheriff Neil Warren (Cobb)
Retired Sheriff Bill Hutson
(formerly of Cobb)
Sheriff J. Tyson Stephens
(Emmanuel County)

Mayor Ford Gravitt (Cumming)
Mayor Jere Wood (Roswell)

Mr. Robert Cheeley (listed on Cagle’s disclosure as an “Investor” but in reality, he is the attack Chihuahua of Senator Brandon Beach…see the link above next to Senator Beach’s mention)

Stacey Evans

Stacey Evans received $370,978 (89% of cash contributions) from Georgia contributors and $20,876 (11%) from contributors outside of Georgia.

Of Evans’ contributions raised, $347,954 is designated as “Primary Election” cash, while $43,900 is spread-out in different amounts for the elections that follow.

So, her COH as of June 30, 2017 was actually $321,925.

Evans does have a loan outstanding of $3,255 consisting of what appears to be some out-of-pocket expenses that she did not get to reimburse herself in time for this reporting period.

Notable contributors to Evans include:

Bryan Long (ED of Better Georgia)
Dekalb District Attorney Sherry Boston
State Senator Elena Parent
State Rep Mary Margaret Oliver
State Rep Keisha Waites

Former U.S. Rep Buddy Darden
Former Governor Roy Barnes
Former State Rep Virgil Fludd

The Barnes Law Group, LLC

Sidebar Discussion on Stacey A. vs. Stacey E.: Though Abrams raised more money than Evans for this June 30 disclosure, Evans will have the Roy Barnes’ fundraising powerhouse backing her campaign.  Regardless of your political feelings about Roy Barnes, his fundraising network is rather extensive, and we should expect Evans to blow the doors off of Abrams in fundraising come December 31, 2017 disclosure date.

The Dem primary will be interesting as Abrams is backed by the Far-Left progressive wing of the Dem party (Soros, the unions…think “Antifa-types”…that is, the folks that celebrate bashing the head in of anyone wearing a #MAGA hat); will Abrams run herself that way?

Evans is backed primarily by the moderate-Democrat wing.  How will she position herself?

Hunter Hill

Of Senator Hill’s $1.15 million in cash raised, $1.105 million is from Georgia contributors (96%) with the remaining coming from outside of Georgia.

$1.12 million raised is for the Primary Election, and $28,200 is designated for the Primary Run-off and General.  His true COH is $900,245.

Notable contributors to Hunter Hill are:

State Senator Bruce Thompson
State Rep Ed Setzler
State Rep Sam Teasley
State Rep Michael Dudgeon
Former State Senator JaNice VanNess

Brian Kemp

Kemp’s $1.71 million raised, $1.63 million is from inside Georgia (95%).

$1.52 million was raised for the Primary Election, and $168,371 was raised for other elections, making Kemp’s true COH for the Primary to be $1.36 million.

Notable contributors to Brian Kemp are:

Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens
State Rep Matt Dollar
State Rep Earl Ehrhart
State Rep Jason Spencer
State Rep Susan Holmes
Former State Rep Alex Atwood
Former State Rep Joe Wilkinson
Former State Senator John Douglas
John Padgett
(Former Ga GOP State Chair)
Martha Zoller
(Senator David Perdue’s State Policy Director)

Side Note 1: There appears to be something peculiar with Kemp’s disclosure in the Expenditures Section. There are two individuals working in some capacity for the campaign (and were working with the campaign prior to the June 30 disclosure date), Joel McElhannon & Jeremy Brand.  Neither of these two show-up in the Expenditures section of Kemp’s disclosure, either under their own individual names, nor via the entity they are normally associated with, known as “Parlay Political, LLC.”

Nor does Jeremy Brand’s separate LLC called “The Brand Public Affairs Consulting, LLC” show-up on this disclosure.

McElhannon and Brand could be working with some other entities who are disclosed, and that would be perfectly legal in terms of state disclosure law. But, the question there would be “Why? Why would they have decided to ensure their footprints could not be tracked via disclosures?”

Side Note 2: If you are curious, in ANY way, of what a “Governor Brian Kemp Administration” would look like, all you have to do is look at the way the Georgia Republican Party was financially run into the ground to get an idea of just how screwed-up we will be in this state if Kemp gets elected.

Because the same yahoo-mentality that was in front of (as well as behind) the scenes of the management of the Georgia Republican Party over the last 4 years are present, both in actual people involved, as well as similar mindset of the people, in the Brian Kemp campaign for Governor.  And Kemp is just a little puppet waiting to be told where to go, what to say, and where to stand.

Rod Mack

Rod Mack has raised no reportable money as of June 30, 2017.  He currently serves as a zoning appeals board member for the City of Hapeville, as well as being a member of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Michael Williams

Williams has injected a total of $1,000,000 of his own financial resources as loans to his gubernatorial campaign.

Of the $51,404 raised from other people, the majority of that, $48,169, was raised in Georgia (94%).

All of Williams’ money raised for the June disclosure was raised for the Primary election only.

Notable campaign contributors: State Rep Steve Tarvin

The above piece does include some aspects of opinion and reflect the views of the author and not necessarily those of