Tuesday, November 21, 2017

GA Ports Authority Approves Projects to Expand Rail, Gate Capacity

The Georgia Ports Authority approved rail and gate expansion projects that will significantly increase capacity at GPA’s Garden City Terminal – the single largest container terminal in all of North America. 

Lt. Governor Cagle Names Frito-Lay Business Partner of the Year

In recognition of the company’s innovative partnership with Houston County College and Career Academy, Lt. Governor Cagle announced that Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, has been named Business Partner of the Year for 2017.

GA Group invites white people to Come Meet a Black Person

“If white folks don’t have none of us in their lives, they’re the ones missing out,”

Is it an emergency? Insurer makes patients question ER visit

“How are you supposed to know that?” said the 34-year-old “I’m not a doctor ... that’s what the emergency room is for.”

Deal: October tax revenues down -3.2 percent

For the first time in a while...

GA Insurance Commissioner Issues Warning About Healthcare.gov

There are people attempting to counsel on health insurance and healthcare.gov in Georgia who are not qualified and/or licensed to do so.

Fox cancels airing of ad saying Trump should be impeached

Fox News Channel says it won’t air any more ads from a wealthy Democratic donor advocating President Donald Trump’s impeachment due its viewers’ strong negative reaction.

Georgia expects Amazon officials to visit potential sites soon

Georgia officials say they expect Amazon’s site selection team to begin making visits to prospective cities as soon as this month.

National prosecutors group pressing FCC on prison cellphones

A group of national prosecutors is pressing federal regulators to find a solution to the dangers they say are posed by inmates’ access to illegal cellphones inside prisons, adding their voices to others adamant that a technological fix is needed to shut down the dangerous devices.