Tuesday, November 21, 2017

GA Group invites white people to Come Meet a Black Person

“If white folks don’t have none of us in their lives, they’re the ones missing out,”

Deal: October tax revenues down -3.2 percent

For the first time in a while...

GA Insurance Commissioner Issues Warning About Healthcare.gov

There are people attempting to counsel on health insurance and healthcare.gov in Georgia who are not qualified and/or licensed to do so.

Georgia expects Amazon officials to visit potential sites soon

Georgia officials say they expect Amazon’s site selection team to begin making visits to prospective cities as soon as this month.

Georgia Governor: Tourism had $60.8 billion impact last year

Georgia’s governor says tourism had a record-breaking economic impact of $60.8 billion statewide last year.

Pharmaceutical Company Pays More Than $7M to Georgia Medicaid Program

GET THIS: The company paid out to resolve allegations that it knowingly underpaid rebates owed to the Medicaid program for EpiPens dispensed to Georgia Medicaid members.

Georgia Ports Chief Touts Brunswick’s Big Auto Expansion

The growth positions Brunswick to become "the nation's the No. 1 auto port."

Georgia Insurance Office Recovers $4.7 Million in Claims in 2017 to...

The money is all 'dispute money' where consumers challenged their insurance company and received assistance from the state in battling it out.

Jobs decrease slightly in peach state, as Hurricane Irma impacts Coastal...

Hurricane Irma caused Georgia’s job numbers to fall and unemployment claims to rise in September. Look at these graphics -->