Sunday, September 24, 2017

COLUMN: Georgia Resists Against White Supremacy

Column from James Woodall on the marches in Georgia this past weekend. "Many of the speakers shared a similar desire to remove Confederate monuments and memorials from public spaces, such as city squares and county courthouses."

COLUMN: Stop telling us to unite.

"We live in a grossly divided nation where people dig their feet in on every single issue. Every issue is the one that leads us to the hill on which we plan to die...until the next one comes along."

Column: ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is bad for Georgia

"But beyond being fiscally irresponsible, ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is immoral—and it threatens our most vulnerable neighbors. The expansion’s perverse funding structure incentivizes states to siphon resources away from the truly needy to help pay for the cost overruns. "

Faith & Freedom’s Dave Baker – Marijuana – “No Medical Benefit”

"MJ is a schedule I drug” at which point a heckler from the audience is heard shouting “You’re way over!” which Baker would reply “Thank you.   Which means it is highly addictive and has no medical benefit.”

COLUMN: The Summerville News Can’t Browbeat the Truth

'COLUMN by Jessica Szilagyi - Why is 'The Summerville News' wasting time attacking a competitor when they should be writing the news?

Column: Down in the muck with Drag Queen Story hour

OPINION - The story hours have come under fire. Is this about giving everyone equal access to books or is this a political social agenda? Jane Robins discusses.

Senator Jack Hill: Georgia’s a Winner by Almost Any Comparison

The most recent comments from State Senator Jack Hill ->

COLUMN: What Rural Georgia Needs in a Governor

Jessica Szilagyi dives into the topics candidates for Georgia Governor should be discussing...but aren't.

COLUMN: The New Patriotism

What it means to be a 'patriot' has changed over the last 100 years. Jessica Szilagyi breaks it down in her most recent column.

COLUMN: Government Should Not Compete With The Private Sector

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”