Friday, February 23, 2018

GA Lawmaker More Concerned with Taking Credit than Helping Cause

"How are The People ever to believe bipartisan efforts can be accomplished or that everyone has a voice in the Capitol if the end goal is to get credit, not to better our state?"

Senator Jack Hill: Legislature in Full Swing

The third week of the 2018 Session of the General Assembly ended as the volume of legislation being introduced increased and work began in...

Bill Werkheiser: Legislative Update – January 30, 2018

Although Georgia’s economy has grown exponentially over the past several years, not all parts of our state have experienced the same levels of prosperity....

Brian Kemp Op-Ed: “New Year, Same Broken Immigration System”

This immigration policy column was written by Republican gubernatorial candidate and current Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. It was submitted to AllOnGeorgia by his campaign and was published without any editing by AllOnGeorgia. Any candidate seeking public office may submit content to publish an opinion piece on

COLUMN: Kim Jong Un plays the Olympics like a champion

North Korea suddenly making nice for the duration of next month’s Olympic Games in South Korea, putting seven decades of enmity on hold for 16 days with its offers to send athletes and entertainers across their heavily militarized border, won’t fundamentally change what happens next.

COLUMN: Evans County Can Do More with Less

The following article is an opinion piece by the author and contains editorialized content. The opinions reflected below reflect the views of only the...

COLUMN: Rural Georgia Set to Get Shafted by Rural Development Council...

Jessica Szilagyi on what our state legislators plan to do about rural Georgia -- "My greatest disappointment in this list of recommendations is that the Council did not conclude that government is one of the greatest inhibitors of growth in rural communities (and that the Council thinks 124 of 159 Georgia counties are "rural."

COLUMN: Are Right-wing Populists the New Progressives?

Contributor Robert Busbee pontificates right-wingers and the correlation with progressives.

Religion Column: It’s OK To Say “Happy Holidays”

The following article is an opinion piece by the author and represents the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. It’s...

Should police get to view bodycam footage immediately?

The vast majority of the nation’s largest police departments allow officers to view the footage before writing a police report or being questioned by investigators during use-of-force cases