Sunday, September 24, 2017

Column: Poverty in rural Georgia-Think well outside of I-285

The mainstream media (MSM) has been successful at defining the narrative on poverty and what it looks like in America. Much of their narrative...

COLUMN: A look back at Atlanta Braves legend Greg Maddux

Here's a look back at Braves legend Greg Maddux

COLUMN: Bill could harm Georgia pets, protect puppy mills

"VOTE NO on HB 144," a bill presented before the Georgia House of Representatives by State representative Earl Ehrhart, a Cobb County Republican. The legislation has garnered substantial opposition from activists against puppy mills and facilities that operate similar to such.

COLUMN: In Georgia, we use the legal system to stack the...

What crime should a parent or guardian be charged with, if any, if they leave their child in a hot vehicle and a death results? Jessica Szilagyi looks at the discrepencies in her latest #column.

COLUMN: GA legislators ditch principle for pizza, corn dogs and wings

How can a legislator vote one way, go to dinner, and come back to vote again on the same bill but vote differently?

COLUMN: Stop telling us to unite.

"We live in a grossly divided nation where people dig their feet in on every single issue. Every issue is the one that leads us to the hill on which we plan to die...until the next one comes along."

COLUMN: Congressman Allen, Get it together.

You say you're building bridges and working with folks in Washington, but your colleagues storming out on you says otherwise.

COLUMN: One day to go and I still don’t know how...

"But like many others who supported a candidate who has since dropped out of the race, my dreams of casting a vote for a contender that thought like me have been shattered."

COLUMN: Both parties are racist in their own special ways

Jeff Klein talks about his perspective on racism in America and how racism is still prevalent amongst both political parties.

GA Rep. Buckner: Private landowners, vegetation getting short end of the...

"As a land owner and a legislator this change concerns me greatly because naturally vegetated buffers on streams protect the adjacent land from damage by floods and washouts. Equally important buffers protect the quality of the water in our streams."