Friday, February 23, 2018

COLUMN: This is why we don’t change the state Constitution

Columnist Jessica Szilagyi details the fact that one of Georgia's recently passed Constitutional amendments was worded incorrectly and is soon to cause some problems.

COLUMN: Think for yourself and don’t settle for a box

Welcome to America. The land of two boxes. There are only two boxes. You may choose the Republican box or the Democratic box.

COLUMN: State Revenues Are Bouncing Back

So, Georgia, while not growing as strongly as a year ago, picked back up in October and made the YTD numbers look more respectable. Georgia's economy continues to march along.

COLUMN: Trump Fears A Brokered Convention, With Good Reason

“Somebody said, ‘Well, there’s a rule and another rule.’ I don’t care about rules, folks… We win, we get the delegates.” ~ Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump

GA Rep. Buckner: Private landowners, vegetation getting short end of the...

"As a land owner and a legislator this change concerns me greatly because naturally vegetated buffers on streams protect the adjacent land from damage by floods and washouts. Equally important buffers protect the quality of the water in our streams."

COLUMN: An Open Letter From A Georgia Democrat – a response

So, I'm here. Let's talk. We are in quite a stressful time to be a Georgia Democrat. With what little political will we have left,...

COLUMN: Why won’t the legislature follow their own rules?

Why have governing rules that aren’t going to be followed or enforced? The Georgia House has a major problem surrounding the integrity of the voting process.

Williams: Final GOP POTUS Rankings

Greg's List author and AllOnGeorgia contributor Greg Williams weighs the remaining presidential candidates. Do you agree?

COLUMN: Forgiveness is worse than we thought

The federal government announced it's going to "forgive" $108 billion in student loan debt, and in her latest #column, Jessica Szilagyi examines the 100-page report by GAO that details why the forgiveness program just isn't sustainable.

COLUMN: Kim Jong Un plays the Olympics like a champion

North Korea suddenly making nice for the duration of next month’s Olympic Games in South Korea, putting seven decades of enmity on hold for 16 days with its offers to send athletes and entertainers across their heavily militarized border, won’t fundamentally change what happens next.