Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Column: ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is bad for Georgia

"But beyond being fiscally irresponsible, ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is immoral—and it threatens our most vulnerable neighbors. The expansion’s perverse funding structure incentivizes states to siphon resources away from the truly needy to help pay for the cost overruns. "

Faith & Freedom’s Dave Baker – Marijuana – “No Medical Benefit”

"MJ is a schedule I drug” at which point a heckler from the audience is heard shouting “You’re way over!” which Baker would reply “Thank you.   Which means it is highly addictive and has no medical benefit.”

STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE: Jack Hill & the 2017 Public Safety...

Senator Jack Hill on the 2017 legislation which will affect law enforcement.

Former Director of the Georgia Ethics Commission Under Investigation

Stacey Kalberman, former Director of the Georgia Ethics Commission, is currently under investigation for illegal lobbying at the Georgia State Capitol.

GA Rep. Buckner: Private landowners, vegetation getting short end of the...

"As a land owner and a legislator this change concerns me greatly because naturally vegetated buffers on streams protect the adjacent land from damage by floods and washouts. Equally important buffers protect the quality of the water in our streams."

GA Sen. Jack Hill: November Revenues Bring Christmas Cheer

State Senator Jack Hill: "Well, if you were looking for something to cheer you up to enjoy the Christmas Holidays… for some of us, November revenues did the trick. "

GA Rep. Stover: When Saying “NO” is an Absolute Right of...

Due to recent events and continuous speeches from Governor Deal and Speaker Ralston, I believe I need to set the record straight about those...

GA Sen. McKoon: Why Are We Angry?

A lot has been written as the 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign has unfolded about how angry Republican Primary voters are and the usual tropes...