Wednesday, November 22, 2017

US regulators approve first digital pill to track patients

U.S. regulators have approved the first drug with a sensor that alerts doctors when the medication has been taken, offering a new way of monitoring patients but also raising privacy concerns.

Opioid addiction treatments face off in US trial

The first U.S. study to compare two treatments for opioid addiction finds a monthly shot works as well as a daily drug to prevent relapse.

DEA cracking down on fake fentanyl traffickers

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wants to make it easier for federal prosecutors to go after people who peddle illicit versions of the deadly opioid fentanyl that are fueling the nation’s drug abuse crisis.

Study: More LGBTQ characters on TV series, fewer women

LGBTQ depictions increased in the current season across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms

What to look for as ‘Obamacare’ 2018 enrollment opens

“Confusion seems to be one of the key words to describe what we’re facing now,”

Opioid epidemic shares chilling similarities with the past

Yes, this is the most widespread and deadly drug crisis in the nation’s history. But there has been a long string of other such epidemics, each sharing chilling similarities with today’s unfolding tragedy.

What could help me to die? Doctors clash over euthanasia

After struggling with mental illness for years, Cornelia Geerts was so desperate to die that she asked her psychiatrist to kill her. Her sister worried...

Bill O’Reilly dropped by literary agency

“We no longer represent Bill O’Reilly for future deals. It is our fiduciary responsibility to service the existing deals we have under contract, but we will not be working with him moving forward.”

Drug company founder charged with pushing powerful opioid

The face allegations that they provided kickbacks to doctors to prescribe a potent opioid called Subsys.