Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black police concerned by Trump quips on handling suspects

The Trump administration’s tough talk on crime and the treatment of suspects has left black police officers worried that efforts to repair the fraught relationship between police and minority communities could be derailed.

Shelter from the Storm

It is hard to believe that six years ago today, April 27, 2011, the largest tornado outbreak in recorded history swept across the United...

OTC issues official statement on Law Enforcement Academy closure

Word spread last week that the highly respected Law Enforcement Academy at Ogeechee Technical College will soon be closing and Monday the college offered a formal statement on the matter.

County Sheriffs in Georgia seeking equal pay for Deputies

The problems facing local law enforcement across the state are being felt everywhere. Georgia Sheriff Howard Sills of Putnam County wrote a letter that...

Burke deputies raising money for protective vests

What would you do if you discovered law enforcement officers in your community were working without protective vests?

New Year’s holiday claims 11 on Georgia roads, mimics Christmas holiday...

The New Year's holiday was just as deadly as the Christmas holiday on Georgia roads.

Police expect Trump to lift limits on surplus military gear

They're banking on him following through: In September, he promised to rescind the executive order in a written response to a Fraternal Order of Police questionnaire that helped him win an endorsement from the organization of rank-and-file officers.

Deal announces law enforcement task force

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the members of the law enforcement task force, who will examine the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training Course and...

US to release report criticizing Baltimore police force

The report, the culmination of a yearlong investigation into one of the country's largest police forces, also found that officers make large numbers of stops — mostly in poor, black neighborhoods — with dubious justification and unlawfully arrest citizens for speech deemed disrespectful.

Police can’t cite outside their jurisdiction, Supreme Court says

Outside their jurisdiction, police officers can no longer issue traffic citations.