Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PBS CEO warns that federal cuts will sink some stations

“PBS will not go away, but a number of our stations will,” CEO Paula Kerger said Sunday. “There is no Plan B for that.”

Hillary Clinton calling new book ‘What Happened’

Hillary Clinton is calling her new book “What Happened” and promising unprecedented candor as she remembers what she sees as her stunning defeat last year to Donald Trump.

President (bleep): TV sitcom bars use of Trump’s name

Series creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson said Tuesday that Trump’s name will be bleeped each time it’s used in an episode — a move typically reserved for expletives.

Megyn Kelly says important to ‘shine a light’ on Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly defended her decision to feature “Infowars” host Alex Jones on her NBC newsmagazine despite taking heat Monday from families of Sandy Hook shooting victims and others, saying it’s her job to “shine a light” on newsmakers.

Comey testimony watched by an estimated 19.5 million viewers

An estimated 19.5 million viewers watched James Comey’s widely televised U.S. Senate testimony.

Oliver Stone: Megyn Kelly didn’t know her stuff with Putin

Film director Oliver Stone, whose series of conversations with Vladimir Putin air next week on Showtime, said he watched Megyn Kelly interview the Russian president on NBC and concluded that “he knew his stuff and she didn’t.”

Al Franken cancels appearance on Bill Maher’s show over slur

Sen. Al Franken says he will not appear as scheduled on Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” in the wake of Maher’s use of a racial slur on last week’s show.

Melania Trump wears $51K Dolce & Gabbana jacket in Sicily

First ladies are almost always criticized for whatever they wear.

Fox backs O’Reilly after reports of sexual harassment

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said Saturday that he is "vulnerable to lawsuits" because of his high-profile job, in response to a New York Times report detailing payouts made to settle accusations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior.