Tuesday, February 20, 2018

At state morgue, a backlog has grown amid opioid epidemic in...

Several times on any given week, coroners have been told there’s no room at any of the state’s forensic labs until other bodies are released. The backlog has sometimes left local officials who rely on the state facilities scrambling to find ways to store bodies.

Should states ban abortions when Down syndrome diagnosed?

“They tell you of these horrific things that can happen, the different anomalies, cardiac issues,” she said. “So you plan for the worst, and I really feel like you’re given a death sentence.”

What the latest health overhaul push means for consumers

Only one thing is certain for insurance shoppers if the latest attempt to replace former President Barack Obama’s health care law succeeds: Uncertainty. Will you be able to get coverage? How much will it cost? Will it cover my conditions?

FDA requires opioid makers to develop doctor training

The agency notified 74 manufacturers of so-called immediate-release opioids this week that their drugs will now be subject to the tougher requirements, although doctors would not be compelled to take part in the training.

If addiction is a disease, should relapse mean jail time?

“For the person who suffers from substance use disorder, a court order to be drug free is effectively a court order to be in remission of one’s addiction,”

Study examines how far US women must travel to get abortion

How far do American women need to travel in order to obtain an abortion? Take a guess...