Sunday, September 24, 2017

More than 3,000 Washington prisoners mistakenly freed early

At a news conference Tuesday announcing the error, Gov. Jay Inslee said he has ordered immediate steps to correct the longstanding computer glitch

Brit indicted in botched attempt to shoot Trump in Las Vegas

A grand jury on Wednesday charged Michael Steven Sandford, 20, with disrupting an official function and two firearm possession counts.

Triumph or travesty, US-Iran ties warming over nuclear deal

Diplomatic triumph or travesty, America's relationship with one of its most intractable foes took two giant leaps forward this weekend when Iran released four Americans in a prisoner swap after locking in last summer's nuclear deal and receiving some $100 billion in sanctions relief.

UPDATE: Pentagon will allow transgender individuals to serve openly in US...

The Pentagon will allow transgender individuals to serve openly in US military, ending ban on service in armed forces. Lifting the ban on transgender people...

Backlash grows over North Carolina LGBT discrimination law

An economic backlash broadened Tuesday against a North Carolina law that critics say discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with PayPal announcing it has canceled a major expansion in the state.

Lowering the flag: Some examples of half-staff tributes

Nearly 90 percent of days last year, one or more states were flying the American flag at half-staff to memorialize the deaths of military members, public officials, police, first responders, prominent citizens and victims of mass killings and disasters.

Class-action suit challenges US government’s watch list

The no-fly list and the larger, broader terrorist watch list have been the subject of numerous lawsuits, which have been successful to varying degrees

Six Mexican nationals indicted for producing and selling fake U.S. immigration...

Six Mexican nationals are under federal indictment for their roles in manufacturing and selling counterfeit U.S. immigration and identification documents.

Indiana trooper fired for proselytizing on duty to motorist

"While all of us — citizen and police officer — enjoy the right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, there are appropriate and proper restrictions placed on agents of the state related to their actions while engaged in their official duties."

A timeline of US troops in Afghanistan since 2001

During the nearly 15 years since the United States went to war in Afghanistan, the number of American troops there spiraled to 100,000, then dropped slightly below 10,000.