Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Georgia soldier among those killed in ambush in Niger

A Georgia soldier remembered by his family for his constant smile and his dedication to military service was one of four U.S. troops killed in an ambush in Niger,

Lawyer: Client shouldn’t have a de facto life sentence

WHAT DO YOU THINK: A Georgia man’s multiple life sentences amount to a de facto sentence of life without parole, which is not allowed since he wasn’t yet 18 at the time of his crimes, the man’s lawyer told the state Supreme Court

Clinton Tweets ignorance on guns amid Las Vegas shooting – Georgia...

Hillary Clinton sends out Tweets showing ignorance of guns. Georgia Carry educates us on "silencers".

Atlanta City Council Votes Unanimously to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

In a 15-0 vote today, the full Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to make possession of under 1 oz of marijuana a maximum $75...

Kamala Harris at black church in GA: US isn’t as split...

She told the church congregation that Americans aren’t as split as “forces of hate and division” suggest.

Georgia inmate whose execution was stayed waits on US Supreme Court

A Georgia inmate whose execution was halted at the 11th-hour after his lawyers argued racism played a “pivotal role in his death sentence” is now waiting to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will take up his case.

Parole board declines to spare life of inmate set to die

The man will be put to death Tuesday night - unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes.

Tax Relief for Georgians in All Counties Expanded to Federal Level...

It parallels relief previously granted to Irma victims throughout Florida and in parts of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and Harvey victims in parts of Texas. The State already granted this relief, so now the IRS is following suit.

Atlanta marches practice King’s strategy of peaceful protest

Organizers urged marchers on Saturday to practice King’s values and make sure there was no violence.

Georgia city won’t remove memorial to Confederate dead

The mayor of a Georgia city says the city will not remove a memorial to the Civil War dead, after a letter from the local NAACP chapter president asked for the removal of all Confederate symbols.