Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Is gun-maker liable for Newtown? Court takes up the case

ACCORDING TO LAWYERS: "Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza heard the message loud and clear when gun-maker Remington Arms marketed an AR-15-style rifle as an overpowering weapon favored by elite military forces"

US rate for gun deaths increases for second straight year

The U.S. rate for gun deaths has increased for the second straight year, following 15 years of no real change, a government report shows.

Vegas shooting doesn’t change opinions on guns: AP-NORC poll

The massive divide on stricter limits remains firmly in place.

Candidate for GA Governor gives away bump stocks as supporting 2nd...

Candidate for GA Governor tries to increase support for the 2nd Amendment by giving away bump stocks.

Body cameras, now gun cameras? Some police trying them out

A small number of police departments are showing interest in a new type of video camera that can be mounted directly on officers’ guns, saying it may offer a better view of officer-involved shootings than body cameras.

Ryan says bump stocks should be addressed by regulation

New federal rules would be the “the smartest, quickest” way to regulate the device the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre used to heighten his firepower, House Speaker Paul Ryan said

Gun-control group sues ‘bump stock’ makers, sellers

One of the nation’s leading gun-control groups has filed a lawsuit against the makers and sellers of “bump stocks,” the devices used by the gunman in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Regulators have flip-flopped on legality of some bump stocks

The ATF has said it only has the power to ban devices that, like machine guns, cause multiple bullets to be fired when the trigger is pulled. The agency has found that current bump stocks on the market only speed the triggering of a gun rather than convert it to shoot multiple bullets per pull — and therefore are legal.

Is NRA move to regulate ‘bump stocks’ real or a ruse?

Why would the nation’s leading gun-rights organization be willing to bend even just a bit when it wields perhaps more influence than ever?

Effort to restrict ‘bump stock’ draws unlikely supporters

The National Rifle Association has joined the Trump administration and top congressional Republicans in a swift and surprising embrace of a restriction on Americans’ guns, though a narrow one: to regulate the “bump stock” devices the Las Vegas shooter apparently used to horrifically lethal effect.