Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rick Allen: “My Number One Priority is Keeping America Safe “

Congressman Rick Allen has issued a statement on the Make America Secure Appropriations Act

Rep. Tom Graves, House Vote to Fund Border Wall

“This bill is an America First funding bill that will help keep Georgians and all Americans safe. It provides essential funding to strengthen the military, begin construction of the border wall, improve care for veterans and enhance congressional security"

State Senators Appointed to Stream Buffer Study Committee

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle announced a series of appointments Thursday, but of relevance to Georgia's coastline is the Joint House-Senate Committee on Stream Buffers.

Wadley Mayor Signed City Checks for Private Residence Home Inspections

The concerns stem from a check issued from the City of Wadley’s General Fund. The check, issued in December of 2015, relates to two asbestos inspections by a company out of Thomson, but both parcels are owned by private individuals, not the City of Wadley.

Sen. Jack Hill Appointed to “Special Tax Exemption” Study Committee

South Georgia's long-serving state senator Jack Hill will participate in a new study committee to evaluate tax exemptions in Georgia.

Citizens file suit against the City of Manassas Over Open Records...

The first shot in the next Battle of Manassas may have just been fired. The City of Manassas and its elected officials are facing a lawsuit filed by two citizens inside the city limits.

Alma’s city attorney arrested

He was arrested Thursday....for child exploitation.

Lowndes BOE Violates Open Records Law, Dodges Own Deadline

The Lowndes County Board of Education is in violation of Georgia Open Records Act laws and has refused to provide documentation of Board policies...

Congressman Rick Allen: Healthcare vote is “about solutions”

Did Thursday's vote repeal and replace? Our Congressman says YES, but some - on both sides of the aisle - are saying that isn't what happened.

Notes from Sen. Jack Hill: Teacher pay raise & “turnaround” legislation...

Even though more than $1 billion in new funding has been appropriated to K-12 Education over the last three years, teacher pay has not been increased by every system. State Senator Jack Hill looks at why this year is different.