Thursday, January 18, 2018

Senators who didn’t recall Trump using vulgarity backtrack

Two Republican senators who had said they did not recall President Donald Trump using a vulgarity to describe African countries backtracked Sunday and challenged other senators’ descriptions of the remark.

Girl Scouts join fight over bridge named for segregationist

Lawmakers can expect face-to-face meetings with Girl Scouts from across Georgia next month at the state Capitol, where the young scouts plan on treating legislators to a milk-and-cookie reception.

Deal: Georgia ‘exceptional’ after 7 years of his leadership

The 75-year-old governor choked up multiple times during his 45 minutes at the House rostrum, thanking voters for their “kindness ... support ... and your prayers” and praising his wife, Sandra Deal, as she looked on from the gallery.

Gov. Deal may call special legislative session to woo Amazon

He urged lawmakers not to waste time with proposals aimed at “trying to guess what Amazon is going to do” during their 40-day session that began this week.

Water fight between Florida, Georgia lands at Supreme Court

It’s the oysters themselves that are harder to find these days, and Florida is hoping the Supreme Court can help fix that. The high court hears argument Monday in the long-running dispute between Florida and neighboring Georgia over the flow of water in the Apalachicola River, which runs from the state line to Apalachicola Bay and the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

NAACP and anti-fascists plan to protest Trump in Atlanta

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said Sunday that wearing white is meant to mock the “snowflake” label Trump’s supporters use to describe their opponents.

Georgia politicians, officials score with free game tickets

LOOPHOLE: Colleges and universities don’t have to register as lobbyists.

GA legislator drops bill on tampon use and risks

Georgia State Representative Debra Bazemore, a Riverdale Democrat, has pre-filed legislation to address education on tampon use and the risks of such.

Georgia lawmaker plans to introduce hate crime legislation

The 2018 legislative session begins on January 8 and one Georgia lawmaker says she's planning on introducing legislation to expand the definition of hate crimes in Georgia. 

New laws now in effect in Georgia

Though the 2018 Georgia legislative session is just a week away, Georgians will soon see some of the repercussion from the 2017 legislative session as a few remaining laws signed by Governor Deal take effect as of January 1.