Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lawmakers propose exchanging ‘MARTA’ brand for ‘ATL’

State lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled an ambitious proposal to revitalize greater Atlanta’s transit infrastructure by improving coordination and efficiency between transit systems in the metro area.

Republicans retain Georgia House seat in special election

South Georgia is still Republican Red.

Georgia governor wants to slash state tax windfall

More on a story we brought you Wednesday.

Deal comments on Trump’s desire to increase port funding

Gov. Nathan Deal Monday released the following statement on the $49 million included in President Trump’s budget for the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP): “I...

Lawmakers seek firmer stance against drilling off Georgia

While the governor sticks to cautious, measured responses to President Donald Trump’s proposal to expand oil drilling into waters off Georgia and its coastal neighbors, a bipartisan group of lawmakers wants the Georgia legislature to formally denounce the energy plan as a threat to tourism and fishing.

Passionate testimony heard over ‘religious liberty’ bill

A Senate subcommittee heard gripping public statements on Thursday from both advocates and opponents of a “religious liberties” proposal aimed at adoption agencies.

Georgia senators want ‘Runaway Negro Creek’ renamed

A group of Georgia lawmakers is calling on the federal government to change the name of a small body of water known as Runaway Negro Creek.

Georgia Senate backs opioid and health care proposals

A proposal to create an opioid study committee and crack down on scammers who prey on addicts has sailed through the Georgia Senate.

Gov. Deal opens door to curtailing tax windfall

Georgians could end up paying $3.6 billion more in state taxes over the next five years because of the overhaul from Congress.

Sotomayor urges Georgia citizens to be active in lawmaking process

“Laws are made by people. They’re made by people for themselves,” she said. “The people who promote laws are the people who believe that this law will further what they think is in their better interest.”