COLUMN: Georgia Chamber of Commerce – Lies, Deceit, Damn Lies & Speaker Ralston’s Connection.


The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has long been known as the champions of businesses everywhere, if you are to believe the spin they openly promote. But they lie. You see, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce is nothing more than a group of lobbyist claiming to be the traditional Chamber of Commerce. You know the ones, they exist in almost every community across America where businesses exist. They are there to promote businesses and help businesses fight over-regulation.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, however, exists to create special regulations that benefit the few large corporations that pay the chamber to lobby on their behalf. It is Georgia own version of K Street in Washington DC. The chamber is the group that pushes to take our money, the taxpayers of Georgia, and redistribute those tax dollars in the form of tax credits. Tax credits not against money owed by the corporation to the state of Georgia, but tax credits that can be sold on the open marketplace in exchange for cash above and beyond any money owed to the state of Georgia.

They also push for regulation to steal water from North and South Georgia so that metro Atlanta can consume as much as they like. They push for methane gas pipelines that benefit the few and not the many, in fact they pushed for a pipeline that cut through the state of Georgia that would vent methane gas into the poorest of communities in Albany, GA so that Gov. Rick Scott of Florida could maximize his return on investment (he and Governor Deal are fast friends), oh, and we have to make sure Duke Energy makes more money too.

David Ralston
Ralston raised taxes in Georgia by nearly $1 Billion with the Transportation Funding Act of 2015 with the help of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Now they are pushing for bigger government and more taxes as they did with the Transportation Funding Act of 2015. The act which raised our taxes nearly $1 Billion. You see, every big government action that comes through the Georgia General Assembly has the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s finger prints all over it. And with their fingerprints comes the fingerprints of Speaker David Ralston. That’s why his former staff member is now one of their primary lobbyists. They hired one of the Speakers closest allies to ensure that they receive everything they ask for. In exchange for this help, Ralston helps the Georgia Chamber of Commerce attack conservatives in the Georgia House for not being “Yes Men,” you know the guys we are all frustrated with in Washington DC that say yes to everything that is asked for? The ones we all rail against back at home? Those same guys exist at the state level and if you are not one of them, the Speaker and the Georgia Chamber will attack you and try to stop your reelection so they can replace you with their “Yes Man.”

Speaker David Ralston will allow no one to speak against his policies or vote against anything he wants. He is the judge, jury and executioner. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is more than willing to help him carry out his wrath.

There is evidence of this exact thing happening in the HD 24 race where the Georgia Coalition for Job Creation, a Georgia Chamber of Commerce affiliated PAC, is attacking Scot Turner for voting against the original ethics bill compiled by Speaker Ralston. A bill so vile and full of corruption that four Representatives stood up and told the Speaker that they would not roll over and become yes men for a bad bill.

Now the Georgia Colalition for (fake) Job Creation (the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s lying affiliated PAC) claims that Rep. Turner voted for unlimited gifts for himself – a damn lie. Rep. Turner is one of only two people in the General Assembly that accept no lobbyist dollars, no PAC money and no gifts no matter how small. He doesn’t even drink the Coca-Cola supplied in his office by the Coca-Cola Corporation, because he said he wouldn’t do so.

If the Georgia Chamber is going to lie about good hard working representatives, what else are they willing to lie about? Never trust them, never support them and always, always question their motives