Georgia State Representative Debra Bazemore, a Riverdale Democrat, has pre-filed legislation to address education on tampon use and the risks of such.

House Bill 656 would require local school boards to make use and risks associated with tampon use part of the required curriculum in health education classes. Specifically, Bazemore calls for the court to “include instruction for female students on the best practices for, and risks associated with, the use of tampons.”

The bill also requires doctors and nurses in hospitals and in schools to provide data and statistics on the dangers of tampons to women if they provide them with a tampon for use.

The code section addressed already requires education on the handling of peer pressure, the promotion of high self-esteem, local community values, the legal consequences of parenthood, and abstinence from sexual activity as an effective method of prevention of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS.

You can read the full bill below. (If you’re reading on a mobile device and cannot scroll the PDF, click here)

Download the PDF file .

Bazemore was sworn in in January 2017 and serves on the Intragovernmental Coordination, Natural Resources & Environment, and State Planning & Community Affairs committees in the State House.

She cane be reached at OR 404.656.0126.

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