The United States has long been one of the, if not the most, powerful country in the world and much of that designation relies on historical dominations by the U.S. over the years

In the last 70+ years, the United States has been in quite a few militaristic activities.

Nowadays, the time periods are broken into three historical eras:

1945-49: The U.S.-Soviet struggle for European domination, terminating with the stabilisation of the frontier between the two blocs and the creation of NATO;

1950-89: The Cold War proper and, in the context of it, the emergence of the non-aligned group of nations;

1990 on: The post-Cold War

Intervention can be identified or recognized by four different or combined actions:

  1. direct military intervention with nuclear or conventional bombs and missiles,
  2. direct military intervention with naval or ground forces,
  3. indirect military intervention through command operations and
  4. the threat of recourse to nuclear weapons.

Here are a few informative infographic maps:

When Donald Trump was sworn in as president, the US had agreements with more than 50 countries to come to their defense in times of need:


And we have many military bases around the world:

We also spend a lot around the globe: (2017 data)

But what about defense budgets?


And finally – Russia:

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Compared with the military strength of others:

So to sum up another U.S. Military globalization map: